Welcome to the Xenoglue Website

The idea

Xenoglue is an experimental glue, with the potential to revolutionize the treatment of injuries and bone fractures. Xenoglue is protein-based, therefor biodegradable and environmentally friendly. The idea is based on the natural example of the mussel (Mytilus Edulis), which uses substances with outstanding adheson properties on its feet, to stick to the seafloor under strong currents.

Xenoglue wants to use the mussels exmaple to develop glue for medical and industrial application. Additionally, we want to improve the mussels proteins by making the glue activatble through UV-light. Dafür nutzen wor Know-How aus Biotechnologie und Chemie auf dem modernsten Stand der Forschung.

At the present moment, we are undergoing the phase of scientific development of our product. Updates can be found under "news".

Our team

Christian Schipp

Nikolaj Koch

Tobias Schneider