Review über Muschelproteine erscheint

After long work the scietific journal "ChemBioChem" publsihed a review article authored by Nediljko Budisa and Tobias Schneider. This review covers a large part of our research in Xenoglue and is mainly concerned with the problems of the biotechnological production of mussel foot proteins. If you are interested you can take a look yourself at the journals homepage. Our work even made it to the title page.

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"Excellent location in the land of ideas"

Our project Xenoglue has recieved a award for its unique apporach and great potential. The price was awarded from the initiative "Deutschland-Land der Ideen" (Germany-land of ideas).

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XXenoglue wins competitio

Xenoglue won the Science4Life start-up competition. Two represantatives of the Xenoglue-team, Christian Schipp and Tobias Schneider, took the award on the 13.03.2018 and the price money of 1000€. Before that they took part in a two day workshop about startup management. Xenoglue strives to develop a bio degradable glue, which is based on the natural example of the mussel and is intended for usage in wound healing. Scientist have studied the subject of the mussels adhesion mechanism for decades.